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"It was pure magic this morning...thank you!"
Angela Nicholls (Groombridge St Thomas C.E. School)

"The Gym and Dance Display has become an annual event at Broomhill and one that is warmly received by many.

The lead up to the performance is always an anxious time for me as it is the PE department and school that is on show.
A great deal of anxiety was lifted from me when the Aerodance team became involved as I know I can depend on them to do whatever is asked and solve problems, when necessary. Natalie and Nikki are able to develop positive relationships quickly with our pupils; many of them are anxious and need to trust people before they can build a relationship.

The up to the minute dance routines to the latest music are exactly what our pupils really enjoy. If we require a trip down Memory Lane, with her extensive musical knowledge, Nikki is on hand to find an old chestnut of a song, with a dance routine to go with it.

Access to the props. department of Aerodance gave the performers extra confidence and the spectators a far more impressive show.

I would like to thank Aerodance for their much valued contribution to a performance that was enjoyed by pupils and especially well received by parents of the performers, in conversation after the show and by letters to the school in the week following.
Derek Wells (Broomhill Bank School)

"Aerodance have provided us with a lunchtime session each week for three years now. All the visiting dance instructors have engaged and motivated our pupils with their excellent rapport and ability to adapt to our pupils' varying degrees of special educational needs in a professional, non-judgemental manner. All pupils look forward to Aerodance, are very enthusiastic about taking part and always have lots of fun.

In addition to the weekly sessions, Nikki Sturgeon choreographs and rehearses the whole school in our annual musical show. Parents are surprised and delighted with the progress of their children's confidence performing on stage, their social interaction and motor skills.
Alison Reakes (Oakley School,Kent)

"Energetic! Fun! Music! Rhythm! Aerodance has it all and much more besides.

We are a special school and recently our pupils were lucky enough to take part in an Aerodance workshop. Our African theme was brought alive with costumes, music and props for an excellent day of learning. Great for improving concentration and coordination. Great for boosting confidence and self-esteem. Pupils' comments summed up the day..."Fantastic!", "Brilliant!" and "I wish we could do that every day!".
Jackie Redman
Broomhill Bank School

"To watch the students' enthusiasm and good behaviour being led by Nikki & Lucy made my day. Will you thank them both on my behalf and I look forward to their next visit."
Chris Roberts (The Malling School)

"I absolutely enjoyed having Aerodance in, and clearly the students did as well. 'CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN?' they asked. Nikki and Lucy had the kids going on full energy, completely tired them out (in a good way), and made them feel good about themselves! Absolutely brilliant session. It was lovely to see the smiles on their faces!"
Carmela Puopolo (The Malling School)

"I thought the work that Nikki and Lucy did with our students was outstanding. Their enthusiasm and personable nature was infectious...we had several members of staff joining in with the routines and they had only come down to see what was going on in the workshops. I saw Nikki working with a group of students that contained some of our more 'challenging' Year 8 boys. They were, to coin a phrase, eating out of the palm of her hand by the end of the session and were the driving force behind the whole group's participation. Her energy levels and clear enjoyment of what she was doing were particularly impressive. The real testament to their work was that the students, mostly the boys, were asking when the next Aerodance workshop is!"
Paul Williams (The Malling School)

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