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How can I become an Aerodance teacher?

There is a seven stage process which every teacher must go through before they become an 'approved Aerodance teacher'.

You might be thinking 'but I'm already a teacher so why should I train with you?' Quite simply because few dancers are ever trained to teach. And great teaching is a real skill and over 10 years we've refined an approach that will ultimately make you a great teacher. This is a life skill that you can use anywhere and ultimately enable you to earn more money.

Stage 1: an informal 'interview' over the phone. This gives us an indication of how well you communicate and gives you an opportunity to form an impression about us.

Stage 2: we review your CV.

Stage 3: you are invited to attend at least two Aerodance classes (if you have not already done so) so that you can be sure you feel comfortable with what Aerodance is about and so that our teachers can gain an initial impression of your dancing ability and energy levels.

Stage 4: We ask you to learn a routine and then to teach it in one of our classes. We're as interested in your ability to teach as we are your ability to dance. After you have left we ask the Aerodancers for their opinion.

Stage 5: You will be taken through the commitment that you will need to make. If you decide that you are interested in teaching Aerodance and we are happy that you've got what it takes then you will be asked to sign a contract and pay a fee to cover the initial training.

Stage 6: You will now be allocated to one or two classes a week for six weeks to work alongside one of the premier teachers. They will provide you with detailed notes the day after every class highlighting areas you need to work on.

Stage 7: You are now left to take your own class for six weeks. During this time spot checks are carried out and we talk to the Aerodancers to make sure they are happy.



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